Misdoz (or Misdus) was the first of the many gods of Irboung. He created Pirotai, Sapatiru, and Tikam. He also gave the people of Irboung Þrusim, the alphabet of Irboung. He is usually depicted as a blue serpent. 

The creation of Pirotai, Sapatiru, and Tikam.

Misdoz was alone in a world of darkness, so he created Pirotai, the god of astronomy. next Misdoz created Sapatiru, the god of geology, to balance perfection with chaos.

The creation of Þrusim, the alphabet of Irboung.

Misdoz was believed to have created Þrusim to keep history from being forgotten. But no one really knew where it came from. What we know for sure is that Misdoz gave it to the Trotese, in the middle of the imperial era.