Trot is a country (originally an empire) founded in the beginning of the imperial era. Trot is also where more then 80% of rice comes from.


Trot was founded in the sometime around 100AH by Troto. Around 700AH they invented flad which caused slavery to increase dramatically in popularity. They built clay cities and rice farms, after that, Misdoz gave them Þrusim. Around 1900AH they got involved in the First Great War, because Noha of Kirili invaded Dumbri. The many events that followed led to the fall of the great empire of Trot. Later, Trot was rebuilt by Dorna II, and she also moved the capital to Virm. Horseback riding was starting to become popular in Virm around 2300AH and were used by scouts during the Second Great War. The first wagon was built in Virm in 2527AH. Alcohol based drinks hit the market at Zirt in 3019. Paper was invented in Firi in 3201AH, and the compass nine years later, the first printed book was twenty years after that, and gunpowder nine years after that. Cavalry was invented in Virm in 4576AH, which was used in combat during the Fourth Great War (They did not participate in the third).



Most of the food consists of;

sheep, pig chicken, rice, potato, fig, pineapple, and broccoli.

But some common meals enclude;

10:00 a.m. Meals;

Ham, goat cheese, and mayonnaise on salty tofu.

Fig spread on salty tofu.

Fried eggs.

8:00 p.m. Meals

Chunky mashed potatoes with mutton chops and broccoli with chicken broth drizzled on top.

Hare soup with beans and chickpeas.


Most houses are similar to english suburban style. Most houses have one big bedroom in the center of the house

Industry buildings are more  similar to modern log cabins with multiple exits.


Men usually wear a simple tunic with baggy pants.

women wear a simple dress, sometimes with a strapless apron held on by a brooch.